“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.” – Henry Ford, founder, Ford Motor Company

To a majority of today’s workforce, job quality matters as much, if not more, than compensation.  Flexibility, inclusivity, open communication with management, support and investment in overall health, prioritization of true work-life harmony, and a belief that an organization has a purpose beyond profit margins are all pieces of a corporate culture puzzle that matters to employees.

The way business is conducted started to evolve prior to 2020 with the fusion of generational representation.  Millennials paved the way for making flexible work atmospheres the norm, and the coronavirus pandemic cemented a huge adjustment in work patterns worldwide.  As a result, with technology and the availability of work collaboration tools, not to mention the cost savings on reducing if not eliminating office space, there is strong evidence towards ‘the end of the office’ and that ‘work from home’ is here to stay: 

A corporate retreat can be a surprisingly efficient motivator and reinforcement of your corporate culture.  An opportunity to build bridges across geographical and/or departmental divides, to boost creativity, to celebrate contributions, to strengthen relationships, and increase morale.

Work is no longer a place

However intangible the benefits may be, an investment in a corporate retreat can be a real financial boon to your organization through a more motivated, cohesive and efficient workforce.  Who wouldn’t want that?